Mr. Richard Lim Swee Joo


For 30 years, Choon Hin Group has been providing quality products and services on time and within budget. I am proud that today we are one of the leader in the manufacturing and fabrication of stainless steel, brass, metal and glass products for the construction industry in Singapore and around the region.

Today, Choon Hin Stainless Steel Pte Ltd has formed and incorporated itself into a Group, hereinafter called “Choon Hin Group Pte Ltd". We expanded our capabilities and made rapid improvements by introducing laser-cutting and waterjet cutting services. Since our inception in 1989, we have compiled an impressive track record in construction projects that span over 30 years of history.

Commitment and Quality are two words that explained our success we achieved today. We always stay true to our commitment to our customers by providing quality products, excellent services and meeting deadlines. Our efforts were rewarded when we achieved the ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; SS 506 Part 1: 2009 / BS OHSAS 18001:2007 & bizSAFE STAR certification for Choon Hin Stainless Steel Pte Ltd, ISO 9001:2015 & bizSAFE Level 3 for Richinn Technology Pte Ltd. It was indeed a resounding endorsement of our excellent products and outstanding services.

There is growing consensus that the worst is over for the global economy and financial markets but the pace of recovery remains uncertain. Our response to the crisis has been rationale and constructive. We focus on cost-savings and see retrenchment as a last resort as our employees are our valuable assets. We will continue to be disciplined and prudent as we strive to grow our customers’ businesses in our markets.

In Year 2010, we have shifted to our 3-storey building with an approximate land area of 50,000 sq ft at 3 Joo Koon Crescent, that are equipped with new equipments in order to increase productivity, efficiency and deliver quality products to all our customers, suppliers and contractors.

And now, we progress for new 4-Storey Building with an approximate land area of 20,000 sq ft at 140 Gul Circle. With our dedicated management team and workforce, we will remain to strive continuously to make new progress, new developments & new technologies to shape the future to the industry.

Mr. Robert Lim Swee Chong

Deputy Chairman

With the current level of competition, we need to refine our Company’s strategy and adjust policies to recognize the need for planned steady growth. We need to diversify in the type of services we provide and constantly improve our methods of delivering our services so as to strengthen and remain competitive in today’s market.

Today, our business has expanded and penetrated into overseas projects with enhancements which will strengthen our business.

In effect, teamwork & co-operation of all employees and project partners (engineers, suppliers, sub-contractors, etc.) are important & essential to accomplish the overall objectives and goals of an organization

With our philosophy, values and mission firmly in place, we are targeting controlled growth and sustained profitability in the future. We look forward to building a long relationship with our clients and continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.Our responsibility to our clients, employees and shareholders remain the principle focus of our operations and is defined by our corporate values.